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Pictures from around the most beautiful city on Earth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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Montreal Photos: Boating on the fleuve. • Une promenade en bateau sur le fleuve

Montreal Photos: Home sweet home • La chaleur du foyer

Montreal Photos: On vacation in Toronto, at the zoo checking out the giant pandas.

Anything thats a must-see in Toronto? Tell us!

Montreal Photos: From a police perspective, the lesbian, gay, transgendered, and bisexual community is in need of the additional protection

Du point de vue de la police, la communauté des lesbiennes, des gais, des transgenderistes et des bisexuels a besoin d’une protection supplémentaire

Montreal Photos: Winter is coming • L’hiver approche

Montreal Photos: Une belle journée ensoleillée sur le fleuve. • A beautiful sunny day on the river.

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Hello, Can I use one of the picture I found in your website to print it on a flyer ? Thanks
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Please send us an email at with your request, and we’ll be happy to look into it for you. Thanks! -

Montreal Photos

Montreal Photos: street arts serve as a conduit towards people. • les arts de la rue sont un canal vers les gens

Montreal Photos: Have you made it out to FRINGE MTL?

Montreal Photos: Montreal Mural Festival (rue St Laurent)

Montreal Photos: A Montreal sunset • Un coucher de soleil Montréal

Montreal Photos: Always watching. (Old Montreal) • Toujours observant. (Vieux-Montréal)

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Montreal Photos: Comment s’est passé ton week-end F1? • How was your F1 weekend?

Montreal Photos: You can’t understand a city without using its public transportation system. • Vous ne pouvez pas comprendre une ville sans connaître son système de transport public.

Montreal Photos: Saint James United Church from the inside • Église Unie Saint-James de l’intérieur